Hey Guys,
I know many of you are complaning about bugs and stuff, but in order for our QA team to reproduce them, we need to help them reproduce it So plz when reporting a bug follow these steps if you want them fixed fast

1- Description of Bug:
One or two short sentences describing the problem.
2- Application:
name of software with the version number (ie Quake II v 3.20). If the game
was patched, please include this information.

Step-by-step method to reproduce the bug. Please include any other
information that will assist in reproducing the bug. If the bug occurs
with a specific graphics configuration please include this as well.

System Config:
Please provide the following information:
- Motherboard
- Processor and Processor Speed
- System RAM
- Operating System
- DirectX version
- Video Board model
- Video Board driver version and Bios version
- Windows Desktop Resolution and Color Depth


Description: Quake II has headless characters in the Jail1 map

Application: Quake II v3.20

Launch Quake II
Set video mode to OpenGL
Set Resolution to 1024x768
Set 8Bit Textures to NO
Bring down the console
type: map jail1
Move around until you encounter the enemy. Enemy characters will be headless
Occurs with 32Bit Z buffer enabled and disabled

System Config:
Asus P2B
Pentium III-500
128Meg RAM
Windows 98 SE
DirectX ver 6.2
Millennium G400 MAX 32meg
MGA Driver ver 5.13.020
MGA BIOS ver 1.3.020
Windows Desktop: 2048x1536x32