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Thread: Xbox Crashes During E3 Demo

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    Arrow Xbox Crashes During E3 Demo

    Found this over at

    "Our thanks to RIPDOTCOM, for providing this GIA report, that answers the question 'how can you tell Microsoft is at the E3?'. During a demo of the Xbox;
    "There were also indications that the hardware is not entirely stable yet - a crash during Nightcaster revealed a familiar looking PC boot screen, and a Microsoft representative explained that the memory configuration on the floor models was different than that of the final version."
    Yeah, they chose the unstable versions just for the show. For the source report, go here.


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    Woulden't have been a MS product if it didn't!

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    This chokes me almost as much as when
    I read that Thief3 and DeusEx2 will be
    available on consoles like the X-box FIRST!
    I hope the X-box crashes and burns!

    MatroxG400MAX..and some other stuff

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    Yeah, I can just see people turning on their X-Box only to see a BSOD 15 min into a game.. HAHAHAHAHAHA

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    What did you expect? There's a nvidia chip in it! *lol*

    Cartman (very proud to own a G400)

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