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Thread: The newest videocard techniques

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    Lightbulb The newest videocard techniques

    Heya all,

    During my night of sleeplessness, I got an email in from my own ISP, which had the following link towards the newest videocard techniques and their explanation. Everything you always wanted to know about what your videocard could do, pixelshading, vectorshading, the lot

    Go check it at Tweak3D

    Mike, if you feel this belongs in MH, feel free to move it. I must say I didn't know for sure where to put it


    Edit, then again, at that moment I hadn't read to the end. If you come to the last page, you'll want to keep it here

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    Thumbs down

    It's just another over glorified article on hype to sell nV wares. Grossly lacking in historical completeness & accuracy of the 3D biz. Written solely to entice wannabies into generating page hits and additional press specifically designed to lure innocent(ignorant) buyers and to self promote nVidiots. No thanks.

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