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Thread: ICQ in win2k.

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    Post ICQ in win2k.

    Hi all,

    I am having some problems with ICQ (2000a) under win2k. What happens is sometimes people don't appear online and available, when I know they are online and available for me to see. Also, I appear in different modes to other people than what I really am. Sometimes I appear offline, NA, or Away, all the while I am available. Now here is the weird part. When I am showing offline, and someone sends a message to me, I never get the message. I have reinstalled a couple of times, and have yet to find out what is causing all this.

    Any ideas?


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    Why don't you try the 2000b. I am using it flawlessly in W2k.

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    Sounds like ISP problems, I know I had my share. I would check the connection settings. It's also possible that your firewall, if you have one, causes it. I doubt that the problem is win2k itself, unless it's damaged somehow.

    I'm using icq2000a also because I hate the stupid extra window you get with the b version.


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    Try checking your network settings. You could also try using a different version of ICQ. If you use a firewall, try disabling it and see if ICQ works.

    Actually, I want to go back to 99b, but it seems they change the DB every version, and I don't think you can convert the DB back to an older version. If I could convert it back, I would go back to 99b.

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    Matt, check port 5190 and or 4000. These are the ones normally used.

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