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Thread: Anyone try the ASUS CUV4X Motherboard

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    Question Anyone try the ASUS CUV4X Motherboard

    Let's try this again... Interesting...

    Anyone, Anyone, Bueller?

    Just curious...


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    Not much info out on the web about the new chipset this sucker has. Interesting to note that the new 694X/694Z VIA chipset was initially being called a "VIA Cyrix" on the Asus is seems they have dropped the 'Cyrix' part (good marketing...) Asus calls the chipset 'fascinating'. Hmmm... might have to get one just to see what it does that is so facinating (does a little dance on your MB...glow in the dark...??)

    VIA's site has not one bloody word about the chipset. Twilight zone here...

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    I've read, and this was about a month ago, that the only real difference between the North Bridges of the CUV4X and the P3V4X were related to the CUV4X's socket interface. The South Bridges will be different, however, as Asus took an unconventional route with the P3V4X.


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