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    Default projector post turning into rant...


    It seems I may be in the market for a new projector... My current Epson EH-TW2900 seems to be acting up, the dreaded auto-iris problem started surfacing (2 leds blink red, image goes black). For now, a restart fixes it temporarily, but I've read that the frequency of it occuring will just increase. The projector has 12 years, and is already quite far on its second lamp, so no point in getting it fixed, and time to start looking (for some time it also has a purple-ish band at the bottom, but as most things we watch have black bands, it was not visible).

    I'm a bit disappointed by the current options: everything went with DLP-technology, but it is no good for me as I'm very sensitive to the rainbow effect. 3DLP projectors and LCoS/dILA/sXRD are still at too high a price-point for me. There is a big increase in ultra-short-throw projectors, with 3 lasers etc, which also should not suffer from the rainbow effect, but I cannot position this: I'm projecting on a screen that rolls down in front of the window. I have no possibility to put a furniture to put the short throw projector on, and I cannot ceiling mount as the image would be too high (and most do not allow ceiling mount). I would also have to change the screen to accommodate for the properties of a short-throw laser.

    That just leaves Epson as one of the only manufacturers till sticking to 3LCD models. And while they have 2 models (that are already a couple of years on the market), the two newest candidates lack horizontal lens shift. I need a minor horizontal lens shift as the projector mount is not exactly centered with the screen... so I just have a choice between the Epson EH-TW7000 and the TW71000, with the latter boasting slightly better specs for a much higher price.

    How come DLP got so popular? When you read reviews or comments, there are many people that are sensitive to the rainbow effect... yet virtually all projectors currently on the market have it.
    Why is it that technology so often now makes steps backwards? I see it in more and more devices I buy: useful functionality that was present 20 years ago in my car-navigation is not available anymore (single button to indicate that the road you are on is to be avoided for the next x kilometer), similar with mobile phones, television, washing machines, software, ... And probably in 5-10 years from now some manufacturer will re-introduce those features and will be heralded as the great innovator.

    Sorry, just had to rant...
    (I'm beginning to feel like Victor Meldrew, from One Foot In The Grave)
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