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    I raised the topic earlier, but now I have to get back to it...

    The apartment where we live in Warsaw had old-style cast iron radiators when I bought it. One in the livingroom started leaking a few years back so those in that room were replaced by aluminium ones. Ever since that change, they make noise, a constant ssshh even when closed. They are louder when open and it is generally annoying. The cast iron ones were dead silent. We survived a few winters, but every winter we keep saying that we will replace them come spring and now we plan to push through.

    So now I'm looking for cast iron radiators... The main issue is that we need a high working pressure (12-16 bar, it is a 20 floor building and heating is not per apartment but in sections in the building), which really limits the choice. Around 13 years ago I thought of replacing them and I found a manufacturer that has nice looking high pressure cast iron radiators, but for the life of me I cannot remember it - I remember I was looking long for it long but I cannot seem to find it now. They looked like a smoother version of the traditional cast-iron ones. So far, I'm running blank on high pressure cast iron radiators, the best alternative I could find is steel.... But of course I don't know if those would be silent (like the original ones), or give the noise like the aluminium ones...

    Anyone here knows good indexes of cast iron radiator manufacturers (or good keywords to start looking for them)?


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