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    So I got myself a watch for Christmas. I dreaded looking at watches while shopping because I feared it may kill my investing goals and become a money sink. Haven't worn a watch since the 90s or so because phone was sufficient to tell time and if I had worn a watch, it would have to be nice. During the work trip to Switzerland I became really interested and spent some time researching. Finally after talking to a friend who told me while he had money he was considering buying a nice watch but then changed his mind and now that he has health problems can't afford a watch like that I decided to get one.

    I discovered I really enjoy wearing a watch. The ability to tell time discretely without looking at the phone, ability to just go for a walk while leaving phone at home, the child-like happiness while observing luminous paint in the dark, the ticking, the fact that independently powered mechanical device ticks few 100.000 times per day with +/- 1/1000th measurement precision. I got to have a watch all the time so I got another cheap watch (Seiko 5) for every day wear.

    The scene now: Casio is classic and rocks. There are many retro models from 80s out, they don't cost much. Go a bit up and you get solar charging, radio sync or GPS sync and more functions.
    Many decent quartz watches to choose from
    There are myriads of Automatic mechanical watches starting with Citizen and Seiko which cost 3 times less than Swiss equivalent. The Swiss: Tissot, Longines, Breitling, IWC, Omega, Tudor/Rolex and the high end. The Germans: Sinn, Nomos, A. Lange

    Compared to smart watches automatic mechanical watches or solars have complete autonomy for years.

    Yesterday caught up with an old friend who typically wears Apple watch but became a real watch geek recently so we had some cool discussion. Anyone else into Watches here?
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