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Thread: so... what's up with TVs now...?

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    Default so... what's up with TVs now...?


    The TV at an aunt's place broke down... She has TV on the whole day and it is quite important for her, so we quickly replaced her TV with one we had in the bedroom (we don't use it much and this makes looking for one less urgent, giving us time to properly look and wait for special offers). She has limited space (<40", otherwise big furniture changes needed) and ours was a perfect fit. Interestingly, the price does not change that much between 40" and 55" (when looking at the same model), so we are thinking of just getting something bigger for us (we are also size limited, above 55" is more of an issue but there is a bit of a price jump anyway, so not worth looking for bigger). In the shop, they are all raving about OLED, but they are a bit more that what I would like to spend on a TV that is not that often used. LG has some nanocell technology, but weirdly on reviews they don't seem to perform that well regarding colour reproduction. Various other technologies on the market as well...

    The previous Samsung at my inlaws did not last long (started having blue stains everywhere after 5-6 years). They now have a Sony, but it seems Sony's right now are quite expensive here compared to the competition, especially their smaller models (55" and below). LG did have a bit of a cheat with 4K panels that were not true 4K and tragic to display text (RGBW lcd screens, where unlike in their oleds the W was not an extra subpixel but replaced a single entire RGB set, read here if you are interested: - they have abandoned this matrix layout), so no brand is perfect... Still, at the moment I'm leaning towards LG: our previous one was LG and I was quite happy with it, both quality wise and feature wise.

    I'm working on a list of requirements and am thinking of going for a model that has a full HDMI 2.1: this is immediately gives TVs with higher specs, including high refresh rates and more supported standards for audio and video encodings. I would want to avoid Android TVs (personal opinion), but like both Tizen (Samsung) and WebOS (LG).

    The TV hangs on a wall in the bedroom, connected to a PC (Nvidia GTX1070) via an HDMI extender. This is - at least currently - the only video source the TV has. The HDMI extender is this one ( ), which does not support the high framerates but does support some of the features of HDMI 2.1. Rather important is the position of the vesa mount: some models have it very low, which would position the TV too high given the position of the wall-mount; ideally the vesa-mount should be in the center (does not matter which vesa mount, our wall bracket supports all between 100mm and 400mm). I have a price set, but if I would come across an OLED at a reasonable price, I may go a bit over my set price. Still, while I can find non-oleds with hdmi 2.1 and high refresh rates in the set price, I think finding a oled at not too much more will be a stretch.

    Any things to be aware of in current model ranges (like e.g. that old LG panel-cheat)?
    Or any other specifications worth considering? Or technologies to avoid?


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