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Thread: Can you run TRIM on a Raid 0 with SSD's?

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    Cool Can you run TRIM on a Raid 0 with SSD's?

    Yes! But...

    I'm running a little experiment on my new main pc.
    I'm running two ssd's in raid 0, on windows 10 and did a defrag. (first experiment)
    After 10 of the quickest passes of consolidating data ever, it did trim the raid afterwards.
    Who ever said that a Raid 0 with SSD's doesn't trim was wrong, it does, but has it really trimmed?
    Why did it need to consolidate the data?
    How does it even consolidate data over an ssd, or even a raid based on ssd's?
    Still benchmarks with the same results, still runs stable and hella fast.
    Two SSD's, even two very different ones can make an amazing Raid 0 setup with a good controller.
    Mine's Marvell based.
    Hmm, wonder how long this setup will last?

    Any thoughts, shots, comments, death threats?

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    No idea... but on the topic of SSD...

    I've been battling instabilities of my pc for some time (sudden reboots, without anything in the log, or sudden freezes), but it was too infrequent to really diagnose. Now I'm preparing to reinstall Windows and started by downloading all drivers, software, etc that I plan to install (I would like to avoid installing/uninstalling too much stuff, so I'm now testing and figuring out what to install). And doing so I've learned that there is a firmware update for my SSD disk, which among other things improves stability with Asus mainboards.... guess which mainboard I have.

    The SSD is updated through an iso from which you boot, and of course they recommend having a full backup. My plan is to make sure I have all the data and files I need, and then run the update before reinstalling Windows. The update is also said to improve performance...
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    Should work with RAID0 but not with RAID1.

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