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Thread: Where are the printers...?

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    There are OEM Kyocera print stands on castors but much cheaper solution is 1x1 Ikea Kallax if you can put your printer on it. Then set of drawers for Kallax, one for paper, other for consumables. You can also DIY castors.
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    It fits where the previous printer was (an old Samsung), just with limited access to the side door with the toners. But we are planning a full remodelling of the room. The room is a long, narrow room with a door on one narrow side and a window on the other. At the moment, it has a big wardrobe that was there when I bought the flat and a metal+glass shelf opposite to it. At the far end, near the window, it has 2 desks opposite each other (so we are sitting slightly offset back-to-back). The wardrobe is not very functional inside and its door mechanisms are wearing out (it was low quality to begin with), while the desks see more usage due to our part-work-at-home schedule.
    We plan to custom build a wardrobe with a more functional internal layout, as well as a custom cabinet in the first part of the room. And then we plan to rework our desks. Back-to-back has its downsides (even though we are somewhat offset, we sometimes touch, so side-by-side may be a better option. Some spare bed would also be nice. We can fit it all, and have the majority of the plans worked out, but are just delayed with a wardrobe in the corridor which we need to finish first.
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