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    Default Where are the printers...?

    We just started looking for a printer, preferably colour laser, and almost nothing is available... Nowhere in EU shops...

    Inkjet of some brands are there, monochrome laser also... but colour laser of e.g. Canon is completely not available, without even a term when it may become. Some shops claim to have them and sell them at 5x the official retail price. Others state a delivery time of August... Official reply from Canon Poland is that they don't know when devices become available.

    HP is easier available, but we don't like the HP+ aspect, which requires a permanent internet connection to print (!). Presumably they check if you have an original toner, but if their servers don't work or are not reachable (or they decide to no longer support the model), you cannot print. It is bad enough companies do it with software, but we don't want to support a company that does it with hardware - a shame as I had only good experiences with HP printers.

    We may resort to getting a simple inkjet for the time being...
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