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Thread: NASA to re-examine space solar power

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    Default NASA to re-examine space solar power

    They mention the reduced launch costs of upcoming large vehicles like Starship, which has a 9m diameter. Blue Origin's Jarvis reusable vehicle would also be in this class with a 7m diameter.

    The European and Japanese space agencies are also doing work in this area.

    NASA to reexamine space-based solar power

    WASHINGTON — NASA is starting a study to reexamine the viability of space-based solar power, a long-touted solution to providing power from space that may be getting new interest thanks to technological advances and pushes for clean energy.
    NASA has had discussions with the U.S. Space Force and other “technical agencies” on the study, he said. There are no plans currently to seek public input through a formal request for information or other process, but he did not rule out doing so later on. The goal is to finish the study and present it at the International Astronautical Congress in Paris in September.
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