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Thread: Crew Dragon: Polaris Dawn mission

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    Default Crew Dragon: Polaris Dawn mission

    Polaris Dawn's launch is NET November 2022. This is the first of three launches in the Polaris Project, which will culminate in the first crewed Starship launch.

    Shooting for an altitude of ~1400 km, which would break an LEO record of 1368 km held by Gemini 11, 2 crew members will do a spacewalk in SpaceX's new EVA suit. This suit is to evolve into their lunar and Mars suit, and is part of a competition to provide suits to NASA.

    All four crew members will wear the suit for launch, re-entry, and during spacewalks.

    SpaceX training begins this month for first commercial spacewalk mission

    The new suit will look more like SpaceX’s in-cabin pressure suits than the NASA’s older, bulky spacesuits used for excursions outside the International Space Station, Isaacman said.

    “You’re adding lots of redundancies in the suit that don’t exist today, since it’s more last line of defense,” [...]
    “You have a new visor, new seals, then mobility joints everywhere for increased mobility and dexterity in the fingers and such. I think, visually, it will be more along the lines of what it currently looks like, but very much like a new suit.”
    Crew Dragon Polaris Dawn spacewalk - 1500.jpg
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