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Thread: Hurtling bike on highway

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    Default Hurtling bike on highway

    On doing my monster move I had a moment like on dashcam videos.

    Doing 140km/h on highway (87mph) the car in front is carrying 3 bicycles on roof. All of a sudden the left bike above driver disentangles front wheel first to side and hurtles towards me. Fortunately I had enough safety distance and was able to brake to 90km/h and switch to fast lane as bike fell on the road in front of me and bounced off with objects breaking off towards the shoulder. Also luckily I changed to summer tires on that very day. They have better grip and are less worn than winter tires.

    As far as I saw back no other car hit the bike and the bike stopped on the edge of driving lane.
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    Sounds like fun practice for a gymkhana.

    In downtown Detroit drivers have to be content with pieces of old bridges falling off and hitting their hood.

    Fortunately, they're finally getting around to fixing them.
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    Wow! I have no clue what damage a 7Kg bike can do to a car that it collides with at 90Km/h but it'd be a scare for me for sure.
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