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Thread: Cowboy Bebop (Nov 19, 2021: live action Netflix series)

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    Default Cowboy Bebop (Nov 19, 2021: live action Netflix series)

    Season 2 is being scripted

    Spike Spiegel: John Cho
    Jet Black: Mustafa Shakir
    Faye Valentine: Daniella Pineda
    Julia: Elena Satine
    Vicious: Alex Hassell
    Ana: Tamara Tunie
    Gren: Mason Alexander Park
    Punch and Judy: Ira Munn and Lucy Currey
    Chalmers: Geoff Stults
    Mao: Rachel House
    Shin and Lin: Ann Truong and Hoa Xuande

    NSFW: language
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    I liked Stranger (not Anime-based, Korean actually) with Doona Bae who also played very well in Sense8 (another great series that got cancelled unfortunately but was granted a finale-movie-episode. There were some other Korean series that I enjoyed by virtue of Corona. Vagabond was reasonable, Vincenzo was, well, bad, but a bit of fun but to long so a mixed bag. Others I forgot the name of.
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