In Parhelia days I used to run 3x19" for 3840x960 (36:9) and it was awesome for gaming and productivity

Work got me the curved 49" Samsung Odyssey for home. It's a 49" MVA 120Hz screen with 5120x1440 (32:9) resolution, effectively like two 25" 2.5 screens in one. Also about same width as my 3x 19" CRT used to be. While it costs twice as much as dual 25" decent Dell IPS panels would cost the benefit is no center split. I saw some posts with 3x25" setup online but with such setup you need to move side to side and also the vertical FOV gets too narrow for gaming. It's like gaming through a slit. With only two monitors you get decent peripheral vision and motion effect on sides but still enough vertical FOV.

You can also use the monitor as two monitors with Picture by Picture mode by selecting inputs for each screen. It has HDMI and two DPs so it's enough for 3 devices although HDMI on my work box does only 3840x1920 so I will need to add USB-C to DP or HDMI to DP active from 2nd HDMI.

The picture quality is comparable to Dell IPS - some non-uniformity in the corners when set to black but overall very good. No visible ghosting in games.