Russia is talking about transitioning out of the ISS starting in 2025, moving their efforts to a Russian station in polar orbit.

The US & partners are planning an exit from ISS in 2029 - 2030. Replacing it will be a NASA program called 'Commercial LEO Destinations (CLD),' which will use commercial space stations like those from Axiom Space and Sierra Space.

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Companies responding,

Blue Origin
Lockheed Martin
Northrop Grumman
Sierra Space (Sierra Nevada Corp.)
Virgin Galactic
Virgin Orbit

2.4 Project Schedule

NASA will commence its support activities with the participant upon execution of the SAA, which is targeted for early FY 2022 and will end those activities in late FY 2025. For purposes of the proposal, participants shall assume Phase II service contract award at the beginning of FY26 and transition of NASA utilization from ISS to CLD over the FY29-30 period. As described in section 2.3, the participant is requested to propose an Optional Period with additional milestones to achieve a CDR-level of maturity.