Covid is getting much more omnipresent here, with many people in our surroundings and in our acquaintances' surroundings infected...
Poland is at the moment experiencing a third wave (actually a second wave, as March 2020 was nothing here, but they call it a "third wave" to match with other countries), new lockdowns have been triggered. The vaccination effort seems to be going well, but still it goes slow.

At the same time, it seems everyone is much more on edge, annoyed by the smallest thing, triggered by yet another stupid comment of someone that you normally would not care about, ... I see this around me, but at the same time feel it myself.

Did you guys notice similar edgy behaviour?
Any suggestions of ways to switch off from the ever-mounting pressure?
(I managed to fly on Monday, but that is just a few hours; a series or movie gives short relief but the edgy-ness creeps right back up)