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    We just bought a graphic tablet, mainly for the purpose of remote teaching - we heard from colleagues that is very useful as a tool for lessons in which you normally draw/write a lot on a whiteboard.

    While it just arrived yesterday, and the first lesson is a few weeks away, first signs are very hopeful. It takes a bit of getting used to the fact that it works with absolute position rather than relative position like a mouse, but one quickly gets used to that. A bigger surprise is how much software support there is for it. Of course you expect software such as Gimp to use it, but the bigger surprise are Word and Powerpoint. Word lets you input text (click the pen and it pops up a writing pad), and Powerpoint just allows you to draw on top of a slide during presentation, use it as a marker or even as a pointer. It adds very intuitive tools (the eraser can erase individual objects you drew, independent of the order) and you can even advance slides with it. After the presentation, you can opt to save what you drew on the slides.

    We have the Wacom Intuos M, which connects via USB or bluetooth (can also connect to a phone/tablet, both in bluetooth mode or with USB OTG). Initial feeling is that it is good for the presentation purpose that the tablet is not too small. Perhaps software can help with that but with a big enough tablet you can write everywhere on the slide and it will still be good size (not too big, not too small).

    Just first impressions, could be useful for anyone considering it in current remote-working times...

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    I got Wacom Intuos last month - always wanted one because I still occasionally do some graphic design here and there.

    I recommend to download Krita as it's way better than Gimp.

    Also on Suse Linux Intuos was plug and play.

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