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Thread: New monitor and what a mess LOL

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    Cool New monitor and what a mess LOL

    My old Samsung 32" 1080p died, power supply gave up the ghost so replaced that with a spare 40" HDTV, but didn't like that and really wanted something along the lines of a 4k. Well the 40 was a pain due to it sitting on a shelf and a proper mount was in order as an extension to my old corner desk. So I added a 4x4 extension 6" out centered from the flat in the back. Mounted a 36" 2x4 to that, with 32" should be the mount top giving up to 4 more inches of height to play with if necessary. Besides it's not going to be seen. Bought a swivel tilt mount from Amazon... and affixed a new LG 49" Nanocell 85 that will do 120Hz refresh to that. Near perfect, nanocell is floating and angled downward ~7° with it's bottom bezel being masked by the 17t-AN100 CTO laptop.

    It's not as nice as my 65" LG OLED, but it's 1/3 the price and nothing smaller available with the specs and anything bigger would simply be too big
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