It is a music server, , that uses LMS (Logitech Media Server, for Squeezebox) and specifically offers additional functionality and integration with the native media control blocks generated by the user interface of my home automation system. The problem is that this musicserver it is Linux only and installs through an install-script on Debian. Currently, I run LMS runs on the media computer in the livingroom, which goes to sleep when it is not used and wakes up when a Squeezebox switches on.

I don't want to have another device running, so I thought of running it on Docker on that Windows machine. However, the install script for the media server seems to have quite some issues with the dockerized environment, and I thought a full VM would not be able to wake-up / prevent the host to sleep. Now that I found the port-forwarding option on the Hyper-V switch, I could go for a fully virtualized music server: for the clients, it would still seems as if the Windows computer is the server, so the wake on lan would work.