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Thread: Which stonks are you buying if any?

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    Do you have any ideas for growth stocks, I'm close to my Q3 purchase. Reasonably stable good company with good outlook for next 5 years, bonus if it's a bit undervalued at the moment.

    I have nVidia and MSFT which are both up 120% and 50%. nVidia is a bit high, so I wouldn't buy at this price. MSFT will continue to grow. Amazon, Google stocks cost 3k, so no. I'm not touching FB.
    AMD is also up (have 2 shares in my meme account) as well as Nokia, so also not sure if they will continue to grow. AMD market cap is close to Intel.

    I'm thinking of Intel since they finally got new process going.

    Anyone following big oil or big tobacco? Exxon, Altria?

    We now have inflation of everything: decent tech stocks (example Oracle) up, apartments, real estate up 20% or more, yoghurt and coffee I buy regularly up 20%, petrol up 30% year over year.
    Fed said they will taper and stonks went up. Probably not until next year before we see any interest hikes. Dividend yields will probably not keep up with inflation and also I have 50/50 between dividend and growth split, my plan is to up the growth part to 80-90% of portfolio.
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