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Thread: NASA Commercial Crew launches

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    Default NASA Commercial Crew launches

    SpaceX Crew-(n) will be the SpaceX operational missions.

    Starliner-(n) will be the Boeing operational missions.

    SpaceX Crew-1 launches a few weeks after Crew Dragon DM-2 returns, which is next week. Most likely mid-September, and it'll be at ISS for ~210 days so a return about mid-April.

    With SpaceX Crew-2 launching in "early 2021" it's VERY possible there will be two Crew Dragons docked at ISS at the same time.

    That'll be one helluva photo-op for SpaceX.

    SpaceX Crew-1

    Commander: Michael S. Hopkins (NASA)
    Pilot: Victor J. Glover (NASA)
    Mission Specialist: Soichi Noguchi (JAXA)
    Mission Specialist: Shannon Walker (NASA)

    SpaceX Crew-2

    Commander: Shane Kimbrough (NASA)
    Pilot: Megan McArthur (NASA)
    Mission Specialist: Akihiko Hoshide (JAXA)
    Mission Specialist: Thomas Pesquet (ESA)

    Starliner-1 may be a while due to Boeing's Starliner program difficulties; now over 80 separate vehicle problems discovered during their failed OFT test flight. They now need to complete 3 mission hardware-in-the-loop tests & reviews, a repeat of their Orbital Test Flight (OFT-2), and a Crewed Test Flight (CFT).

    NASA is taking Boeing to the wood shed, even eliminating them from the Human Lander System program. The bids went to SpaceX's Starship, Dynetics, and a team headed by Blue Origin.
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