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Thread: Minimizing RTMP latency

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    Default Minimizing RTMP latency


    Ok, strange question (but you are used to such questions from me).

    I have an app on the phone that provides an RTMP stream (but no settings available). I would like to receive this stream on my computer, so I have been looking at different RTMP servers. I tried MistServer and OSSRS (in docker).

    Both work fine, but there is quite some latency. Even in low-latency mode in OSSRS, I cannot seem to get it below 4 seconds (with MistServer, it seems like 15-20 seconsd)... theoretically it should be possible I think to get it downto 0.8.

    There are no settings on the phone app, apart from the rtmp server url to which it pushes the stream. But perhaps there are better softwares that can be used to ingest the stream? Any thoughts?

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