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Thread: Live stream a private event to a selected group

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    Default Live stream a private event to a selected group


    I'm looking for ways to live stream a private event (wedding) to a selected group of people that cannot attend (thank you Corona ). The event will be filmed, but using the professional services for streaming has quite some limitations and is expensive.

    So we were thinking of other means... The audience would mainly be my family, of which many do not have Facebook but they do have Whatsapp. I'm currently thinking of putting them all in a group and using a Whatsapp group call: my mobile phone gives good video quality, we could add a gimbal/stabilizer and an external microphone and have someone hold it and stream the event via a group call.

    I'm also looking at Larix Broadcaster in combination with some free webstream service such as It would allow people to more easily see the stream on something other than a mobile...

    It would not so much be for the quality (that is why we have the professional filming), but rather to give my side of the family a bit of a feeling of attending the ceremony...

    Any other suggestions?
    (Bear in mind that I won't be able to set up things at my parents side, so anything complicated that involves installations or configurations is problematic)

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