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    So I went ahead and upgraded my HT to my 'audiophile' dream since 2008:
    Morel Octave Signature floor-standing (bookshelf loudspeakers + passive sub woofers)

    Got them from a store display for 1/3 the original price in piano black.
    Once done, I realized my my new loudspeakers are 4 ohm where the rest of the system (center and rears) are 8 ohm, plus they look way nicer.
    Also, the NAD C 316BEE I got with them to drive the subs is getting overheated when I go into the fun zone.

    Bottom line, I'm getting the center and rears from the same series for a consistent look and sound, as well as a 'real' amp for my subs: Rouge audio studio n-6 with some custom work to add a High-end buffer board with gain (single-ended to differential conversion) + Alps RK47 pot + extra frontplate design.

    Bottom line, this adventure is becoming very expensive, and that's while running off a Denon X2600H which is just barely adequate power wise for the center and 4 book shelf loud speakers.

    I hope the end result will be fun!
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