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Thread: Hey guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulw View Post
    I went to Sony Vegas which was quite good except there was no Smartrender for AVCHD files. Takes forever to render out a file compared to Smartrender on MSPRO and miniDV files.

    Don't do much video work these days.
    I'm mostly on Linux and there are now a ton of good editors for it.

    Lightworks is a really good cross-platform pro package with a free version that's output resolution limited.

    A freeware Linux editor called Flowblade uses proxy files and is written in Python.

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    We quickly had to make something at work, and I found the open source program Shotcut ( ). Not sure how good it is when you really start doing stuff, but for us it was more than sufficient for applying some filter and stitching stuff together.
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    I'm using DaVinci resolve here and there and free version is very powerful. It's a GPU memory hog, waiting for upgrades to do more than simple videos.

    It's cross platform (Win, Linux, Mac)

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    I'm late to the party but i just managed to cobble together a PC today and got it running on Windows 10

    Cannot believe I'm 44 this year (i guess i'm one of the younger guys ) i was a lurker in my teens before i had the courage to become a member, 20+ years had just whizzed past

    Frequency to check in here dropped off after my daughter was born, hope to check in more often. I have some updates that i should be posting some time soon

    Take care everyone and stay safe

    PS: My signature needs to be updated
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