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Thread: New tablet time

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    Default New tablet time

    One of our tablets gave up the ghost, an old LG not one of the seemingly immortal 8" ZTE K88's, so...a new Lenovo. Pretty good so far.

    It seems Android dropped the legacy Gallery & Video Player after 7 or 8, but Play Store had good replacements (Simple Gallery Pro, VLC). Didn't go top of the line since they're mainly for browsing, video chats, and streaming.

    Lenovo Tab M10 Plus FHD (Gen 2)

    Android 9 (Pie)
    10.3" (1920x1200)
    TUV-Certified (low blue light - eye protection)
    4G RAM + 64G + 256G microSD
    MediaTek Helio P22T octa-core; 4x A53 @ 2.3GHz, 4x A53 @ 1.8GHz
    Dock connectors
    Earphone jack
    USB-C (OTG compatable)
    Camera: 8/5 MP
    Speakers: 2 front, Dolby
    Gray metal case
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    A couple of years ago I had to select a tablet for my, uhm, stepfather-in-law. Found a Lenove, I think a 7 or 8". Worked great and was, at the time, a bargian compared to Samsungs. It died recently and now he did get a Samsung.
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    Not in the market for a tablet at the moment, but having an old iPad and some Android phones, I somehow think I may consider some Windows based device...

    Both the iOS and Android devices start showing their age due to OS limitations and artificially imposed software limitations. E.g. on iOS, I would like to repurpose the old iPad but it prevents me to install some software because I did not install it earlier. There is no technical reason why I would not be able to do so, but it is blocked thus limiting functionality. On Android, I have noticed similar things. It is a bit annoying, as the devices are physically fine, and just these artificial limitations block it. At least with a Windows device, you may be able to install more things. It may or may not work smooth, but at least that is for you to decide.
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