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Thread: Woodworking, favorite woods.

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    Default Woodworking, favorite woods.

    Hey Dr Mordrid, so I read that your a wood worker. Was curious as to your favorite woods to work with? (not just Dr but anyone else too)

    So my top favorite woods are Gaboon Ebony and Purpleheart. I like the Ebony way more though, smells awful when sanding. The color is just magnificent when oiled and it almost feels like living metal of the sorts. Really feels like a beastly kind of wood. Purpleheart, well I love the color and it's quite dense as well, smells good when sanding or cutting. A pain to work with, but forces me to use different techniques.

    Bocote is really nice too, the grain is fabulous, pixalates when it breaks, which is kinda odd . One I recently discovered is Padauk, smells really good when cutting or sanding.
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