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Thread: old hardware question: db25 scsi cable as serial cable

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    Default old hardware question: db25 scsi cable as serial cable


    Blast from the past... I would like to connect two devices using a serial cable, both have a DB9 connector.

    It just happens that I do not have a DB9-DB9 serial cable , but I do have a DB25 SCSI cable (from a scanner) and I also have 2 DB9-DB25 serial port adapters. Really, don't ask me how I end up with that combination of cables .

    So the question: can I connect it as follows: DB9-DB25 adapter <> DB25 scsi cable <> DB25-DB9 adapter...?

    The pinouts I think should line up correctly (I believe the DB25 scsi cable is just a straight pin connection), but are there other electrical properties of the cables I should consider?

    Not sure if it plays a part, but I just need a 9600 baud connection speed.



    PS: in case you are wondering why: to integrate an home cinema amplifier in a home automation system, the amplifier is an older model that only has an rs232 port for external control.
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