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    Quote Originally Posted by Umfriend View Post
    One interesting view is that in Italy, the number of elderly infected is much higher than anywhere else (

    Not stated by the other but from somewhere else: In Italy, many elderly live together with their (grown) children and/or share meals very often. So where 0-40yo people get infected a lot but suffer little, in Italy they take it hoe to parents. Also, Germany tests way more as I understand it.
    They've been parroting in the French Press that more than 50% of the ER cases are under 60 years old.

    This is not just a 'old people will suffer' virus.
    It affects everyone, young and old.
    Young people are dying too.

    I'm pretty active over on the ATS thread, even though there are a lot of nutjobs there (please don't say I said that).

    It is a good thread for updates though, even if you have to sift thorugh a biot of sh!t to get there.
    Theres a lot less crap now the sh!t is hitting the fan.

    I'm MonkeyBalls2 over there if anyone is wondering. (trying to be 'covert' but who gives a crap now)

    Home update :
    I'm in lock down with my parents (both over 70).
    We are not going out, I went to the shops on last Thursday, and there was a queue outside, and they were only letting a few people in at a time.
    Loads of TP and stuff, but no cat or dog food apart from dry Biscuits.

    I worked from home last monday (first day back after two weeks of hols at home), not sure if I posted that here, and then on tuesday got the info that our contract was cancelled, so I'm still paid, just not at work for the moment.
    Might get laid off at the end of the month, we'll see. Not bothered to much about it.

    Don't expect to go out now until really, really need to.
    Don't want to risk bringing something back to my parents.

    The way this is going, and by the reactions of the entire world Govt's, this is bad. Really bad.

    Stay Safe, Stay Home, and Stay Healthy.
    This is not just the Flu, its much worse.
    The only way to stop it, is to stop the spread.

    Unfortunately, the US and the UK might just be too late for that.
    I'm hoping France put the lockdown just in time, we'll see if that's the case.

    As I said, lots of updates on the ATS thread (and lots of batsh!t crazy people, but less as the days go on).
    You might just be able to help with updates from around the World.

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