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Thread: WTF :2019-nCoV NovaCoronaVirus Thread

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    I got sick 3 weeks ago; massive fatigue, congestion, low grade fever, aches etc., but it wasn't covid. Turns out it was just a flu strain which was not in the flu shot and it would not let go. Gave myself a B12 shot (cyanocobalamin), started pushing water, adjusted my diet a bit, added some more vitamins and I'm on my way to recovery.
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    Me and my wife both got sick last week (she on Sunday, I on Monday). Runny noise, feverish feeling, headache, ... To me it feels like a bad cold, but I've heard people with the same symptoms that tested positive. There are big queues for testing (heard of people waiting outside for hours, and it is freezing here) and we do not need a positive test to be allowed remote work. So we decided not to get tested as long as the symptoms are mild but self-isolated and worked fully from home. Now we are both getting better but are still not leaving home till next week.
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    Still haven't had it AFAIK. I'm happy you all have been pulling through.
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    About three weeks ago, I had a 30-hour 39C fever, lost the most part of my sense of smell for about 3-4days and generally felt crappy for about 3-5 days and more tired than normal for about 7 days. All symptoms have cleared up by now.

    PCR test came back positive for Omicron-specific mutations of Covid19. My last jab was 7 July, in the form of a second shot of Pfizer.
    Had very light symptoms about a week before falling ill (headache and tiredness), and I believe some successive nights with really poor sleep pushed me into falling ill.

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