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    The router would most likely be in a different place compared to where the current one is, so the usb port on the router would not be of use. The whole network upgradewas a bit of a longer term planning which became more urgent due to the network issues at my girlfriend's parents.

    Do you know where I can find data on the DPI/IPS performance of the Mikrotik?

    I was looking at the Ubiquiti USG, but enabling DPI and IPS drops the datarate to 85 Mbps. We have a 300Mbps connection, and getting a router like this knowing in advance that some functionality would already be a bottleneck seems a bit of a shame. The Ubiquiti Pro version limits to 250Mbps and the XG to 1 Gbps... Then they have the Dream Machine, which can go to 850 Mbps and includes some other interesting features... but a bit of a weird formfactor...

    But first: not sure if I need it... Still, high end routers of other brands (Asus, TP-Link, ...) in the same price-range seem capable of DPI/IPS (although details on the performance are scarce). The Ubiquiti USG Pro is very overkill (esp. price wise), the Dream Machine is even more expensive but has wireless built in and would allow me to do everything with one device. Still, price is right up there with high end models from any other brand and if one device suffices (and at our flat one access point ought to be enough, if it is well positioned), then why go to whole unify thing...
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