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Thread: US Commercial Crew spacecraft: Boeing Starliner OFT decision

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    Default US Commercial Crew spacecraft: Boeing Starliner OFT decision

    Boeing Starliner (left), SpaceX Crew Dragon (right)

    Tests so far

    SpaceX Crew Dragon Pad Abort Test at LC-40, Cape Canaveral: completed 2015.

    SpaceX's Crew Dragon successfully flew the DM-1 un-crewed test flight to ISS.

    Crew Dragon and Starliner have suffered catastrophic valve failures during test stand events. Both accidents have been reviewed, causes identified, fixes made, and reports accepted.

    Going forward, assuming all goes well...

    SpaceX Crew Dragon SuperDraco abort system test fire November 2 at KSC, using capsule C205 - which is also scheduled to be the In-Flight Abort test vehicle.

    Boeing Starliner In-Flight Abort test November 4 at the White Sands Missile Range.

    Crew Dragon In-Flight Abort test likely in December, flying from Cape Canaveral LC-40.

    Boeing Starliner un-crewed OTF (orbital test flight) to ISS no earlier than December 17, 2019 from LC-41 Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS)

    Boeing Starliner CFT (crewed test flight) no earlier than Q1 2020.
    CFT crew: Michael Fincke (NASA), Nicole Aunapu Mann (NASA), Christopher Ferguson (Boeing)

    C206, the former USCV-1* vehicle, will be used for the DM-2 crewed demo flight.
    DM-2 Crew: Bob Behnken (NASA) and Doug Hurley (NASA).

    * USCV-(n) = US Crew Vehicle-(n), AKA Crew-(n) or Crew (One, Two...)

    Crew Dragon DM-2 may go beyond its originally planned 1 week duration, becoming an extended stay mission of up to 210 days. This became possible with the use of capsule C-206, which has the full length mission mods.

    USCV-1 Crew Dragon mission crew

    Commander: Michael S. Hopkins, NASA, USA
    Pilot: Victor J. Glover, NASA, USA
    Mission Specialist 1: Soichi Noguchi, JAXA, Japan
    Backup: Kjell N. Lindgren, NASA, USA

    USCV-2 Starliner mission crew

    Commander: Sunita Williams, NASA, USA
    Pilot: Josh A. Cassada, NASA, USA
    Mission Specialist 1: Thomas Pesquet, ESA, France
    Mission Specialist 2: Andrei Borisenko, Roscosmos, Russia
    Backup (Commander): Barry E. Wilmore NASA, USA
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