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Thread: AMD 3800X Asus Tuf B450M-PRO Gaming Vega 64 Liquid Cooling Extravaganza ;)

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    Wink AMD 3800X Asus Tuf B450M-PRO Gaming Vega 64 Liquid Cooling Extravaganza ;)

    I was just planning to get an AMD board, becaue my 4K encodes were taking up to 3 days to complete on my PC.

    As usual, one thing led to another, and i ended up changing the whole lot except the GPU and most of the water cooling.
    My i5 3570k mATX board had very hot VRM heatsinks, whilst not doing much, when I took it apart for a GPU change, and CPU H100i AIO relocation to the front.
    The side was off, so the airflow through the case was disturbed i think, at the time.

    So, I needed a mATX AM4 board, due to already having a 2nd, new Fractal Design Arc Mini R2 waiting for a couple of years now.
    I really like the case airflow and watercooling capabilities, so i bought another one a couple of years ago or so for my next build.
    Though mATX was gonna be huge, and i'd get a Maximus Gene or whichever the mATX AM3/4 asus board was.

    So good mATX AM4 boards are rare as F.

    I decided on the Asus Tuf B450M-PRO Gaming, because I thought it had a really good VRM.
    Contrary to what BuildZoid thinks, i think its actually quite good, even if they did only double some of the components.
    The Stock VRM heatsinks are actually pretty damn good, even though i'm not pushing things too much yet.

    It also has two M2 NVMe slots.
    Top One for boot (Samsung EVO 512GB PCIe 3 x4) and lower one for Games (Crucial P1 1TB PCie 3 x4@ PCIe 3 x2).
    Both have EK M2 Heatsinks on them (lots of EK stuff here actually lol )

    The vega64 is brought over from my old PC, with the EK full block.

    The DDR4 is GSkill 2x8GB F4-3200C14D-16GVK, which should be Samsung B-Dies, @3800C16-16-16-16 1.4V
    63.1ns latency, so far.
    Infinity Fabric at 1900MHz, 1:1 with the memory. Tried 2000MHz earlier, without any voltage changes, and got a hard lock,which required a battery removal (CLRCMOS jumper didn't work).

    Only put the 3800X CPU in the board this afternoon, booted and updated the Bios, installed Windows etc, with a 2700 acouple of weeks ago.

    Been waiting on the cooling bits and pieces, where I may have gone a bit overboard (overkill for sure ).

    I have two HeatKiller VRM waterblocks 80mm and 60mm, which have changeable bottom plates for re-use.
    (Still have to drill the holes and mount, test, etc,...)

    An EK Supremacy EVO, initially bought for an intel chip, but with multiple mounting/backplate purchases later (story in itself), it fits.

    Same SR-1 Radiator, lower noise Noctua fans. 4 in push-pull in the front of the case, all the drive bays have been removed.
    Just the two NVMe drives, no Sata.

    One Noctua on the rear.

    Laing DDC pump with integrated Top reservoir, hidden in the dual 5 1/4 inch bays of the case.
    Going to be a sod to fill, but will be nice and out of sight

    Have bought thermal pads for the VRMs, high quality stuff, that seems to have about the same thermal transfer capacity as Thermal Grizzly paste by Der8auer.

    Loop will be Pump-VRM1-VRM2-CPU-GPU-Rad-Pump.

    Just waiting on a couple of Water loop connectors i'm missing to finish the lot.

    Thankfully, my i5-3570k graphs are still available in my other thread, so i'll be able to actually do some sort of comparisons, with the exact same gpu. (But everything else different).

    CPU voltage and stuff is on Auto for now.

    Just thought I could get the memory dialled in before the water sports () and seeing what the CPU can do, with pbo and Auto overclock, and leaving it as is to do it by itself, with great cooling/airflow.

    The fans will be a big change, from the Corsair SP120's, to the Noctua NF-A12x25's.
    Much, much quieter, at comparable airflow, but double cost.

    Should have the final cooling bits by Monday.

    Parts List :

    80mm HeatKiller VRM Waterblock

    60mm HeatKiller VRM Waterblock

    Both have replaceable base-plates for mounting on other motherboards, since you have to create your own custom mounting holes.
    Means if you keep the block, you can just change the base-plate.

    80mm Spare Baseplate
    60mm Spare Baseplate

    CPU EK Supremacy EVO Nickel/Plexi Waterblock :
    With adapter backplate and frontplate for AM4...(two separate deliverys...)

    Asus TUF B450M-PRO Gaming mATX AM4 Motherboard :

    Raspberry Pi4 Heatsink to replace the Southbridge Heatsink

    GSkill RipJaws 2x 8GB DDR4 3200 C14 Kit (Samsung B-Die)

    Vega64 (From previous build) with EK Full Cover Waterblock.

    Thermal Grizzly Thermal Paste all round (except VRM's which have the thermal pads)

    Numerous Alphacool Fittings, numerous
    - Will eventually list them all..

    Alphacool Plexi Laing DDC Reservoir top.

    Alphacool 100x100x1.5mm Thermal Pad for VRM's (cut to size)
    - 11W/mK

    Laing DDC 12V Pump
    -Directly connected to the 12V of the PSU.

    HardWareLabs Black Ice Nemesis 240GTR Radiator.

    EK Leak Tester

    SeaSonic 850W X-Series PSU (From previous build) ;

    AMD 3800X CPU :

    Two EK Nickel plated Heatsinks for the two NVMe Drives :
    - These are very good so far. The pressure from the two clips is quite strong, so i'd bet the heat transfer is pretty good.
    To be tested yet in a case.

    5x Noctua 120mm Fans

    Boot Samsung 970 EVO Plus 512GB NVMe drive (PCIe3 x4 @x4) :

    Games (Steam + GoG) Crucial P1 1TB NVMe drive (PCIe3 x4 @x2)

    Asus Xonar AE PCIe x1 Soundcard (Mainly for the Optical TOSLink output)

    Asus 10G XG-C100C PCIe x4 Network card

    Netgear GS110MX UnManaged Switch, with dual RJ45 10G ports, and 8x GigE ports.

    Ducky One 2 TKL Backlit Keyboard :

    Acer Nitro VG270UP 27" 144Hz IPS non-HDR FreeSync Monitor :

    A pretty standard Swingarm for the Monitor (More Keyboard / Mouse freedom) :

    Fun to come
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