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Thread: SpaceX Starship & Super Heavy booster [Raptor Vacuum breathes fire]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Umfriend View Post
    Uhm, wow!

    So a BFR wil do the inital lift and the hopper do the 2nd stage and propulsion in space and to land again? Where is the cargo/crew? In it or on top of it?
    StarHopper is a subscale engine & systems test vehicle, now retired.

    The full system:

    Super Heavy: a 63 meters tall, 9 meters tank diameter, booster with 20-37 Raptor engines - depending on the mission. 2x - 3x as much thrust as Saturn V.

    Starship: a 55 meters tall, 9 meters tank diameter, multi-purpose (crew, cargo, tanker & satellite deployer) combination upper stage/spacecraft with 3-10 Raptor engines. Capable of intercontinental or interplanetary crew/cargo missions.

    DeltaV upper stage: disposable, stripped-down much like the StarHopper but without legs. For delivering the maximum impulse for large or multiple outer solar system probes.

    Two Starships are under construction, and the first Super Heavys will be started when they vacate the build areas.

    StarHopper, Starship, Super Heavy and the 118 meter tall full stack.


    Starship vs Space Shuttle

    Starship v Shuttle.jpg
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