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Thread: Falcon 9: Dragon CRS-18 (ISS logistics)

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    Default Falcon 9: Dragon CRS-18 (ISS logistics)

    Date: July 24
    Time: 1824 EDT (2224 UTC)

    Booster: Flight Proven -1056.2 (2nd use, 1st = CRS-17)
    Dragon: Flight Proven (3rd use, 1st = CRS-5)
    Pad: LC-40
    Stage landing: LZ-1

    Static fire: good
    Trunk cargo: IDA-3 (2nd Commercial Crew docking port)

    BFF: 3D BioFabrification Facility, a 3D printer capable of printing tissue. The initial phase for BFF, which could last an estimated two years, will involve creating test prints of cardiac-like tissue of increasing thickness. The following phase will involve an Earth-based evaluation of heart patches manufactured in space under a microscope and potentially in small animals. nScrypt & TechShot.

    RUBI: Reference mUltiscale Boiling Investigation, a fluid science experiment developed and built by Airbus for the European Space Agency (ESA), addresses the fundamentals of the boiling of fluids.

    Slingshot & RFTSat CubeSat: the Slingshot adapter is taken up by Dragon CRS-18, then affixed to the hatch of Cygnus NG-10 before Cygnus departs ISS. RFTSat is loaded into Slingshot, then after departure Cygnus flies to a different orbit, deploys the payload and re-enters for disposal
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