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    Default Hyper-V networking


    I'm trying to figure out Hyper-V networking, but coming from the VirtualBox/VMWare makes it a bit more tricky as the approach is different: in Hyper-V, the host network connection goes through the virtual switch, whereas in the others this is not the case.

    I just set it up quite standard and ran into the issue the virtual machines in Hyper-V have network (and have internet access), but some routing of UDP packages sent by the host OS goes wrong: they get sent to the virtual switch and are not seen by the rest of the network. The strange thing is that TCP access to/from the host from the rest of the network is not an issue, so I'm not sure how to fix this. I will have to check the details, but I was thinking that just getting a PCIe Ethernet card would facilitate the configuration a great deal, as the host could be connected to the physical network, and could have a dedicated card that participates on the virtual switch.

    Would this indeed make things simpler?

    A PCIe card is quite cheap and for sure it will help performance wise... The idea is that the hosts contains the files and that several Docker containers (which work in Hyper-V) provide additional protocols to access the data (nextcloud, serviio, music server, ...). The point of this is to keep the host OS clean while still supporting different access methods.

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