Falcon Heavy #2

The first Falcon Heavy Block 5 - enhanced re-use, greater performance, etc.

Falcon Heavy is now being considered for EM-1, the first NASA Orion launch around the Moon, due to Space Launch System (SLS) delays.

It'll also be competing to launch some Lunar Gateway lunar space station's modules, also because of SLS delays.

Launch date: NET April 7
Launch time: 1836 Eastern (2236 UT)
Pad: LC-39A,
Stage landings: Landing Zone-1, Landing Zone-2, ASDS Of Course I Still Love You

Orbit: GEO (direct injection to geostationary)
Mass: : ~6,000 kg (3,520 kg dry)

USAF is qualifying FH for a the direct to GEO injection of national security satellites.

USAF is also looking to reuse these boosters for FH STP-2 to qualify stage re-use, a very big deal.