Simple question... Suppose you have a satellite dish with quad-LNB and a terrestrial input. On 2-3 places you have wall-boxes that split a coax cable into satellite, tv and radio connections. So, to combine the signals to send them to those 2-3 locations, but also amplify the terrestrial input as it will get split.

As I gather, the options are:
1. Quad-capable multiswitch, e.g. https://axing.com/en/produkt/spu05409-en/
2. A 4-way combiner, e.g. https://axing.com/en/produkt/swe04001-en/

In option 1, is the signal amplified or would there still need to be an amplifier (none is shown on their example)? If the multiswitch amplifies the signal, can I assume this is common for all powered multiswitches?

Option 2 is cheaper, but I will need to add an amplifier to it (it even shows on their example), so the price diffence will be rather small.

Is there any other reason to lean towards one option or the other?

I posted links to Axing as an example, but I know there are plenty of other brands, some multiswitches even have 0 W standby.