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    One of my long time clients, an owner of consulting business is into sports shooting. He explained me how gun laws work here and talked me into taking a gun safety course. The procedure here is:
    - 2 day gun safety course
    - medical checkup with psychiatric evaluation
    - become member of a sports shooting club, then you can take parts in range practice and shooting competition
    - permit to posses handguns and non-auto rifles
    - with permit you are allowed to purchase and own handguns. you are required to store or carry bullets and gun separately and safely

    There are actually really decent gun shops here that I didn't know about. I applied for the course next week.

    The course consists of theory on legislation, handling, practice on assembling and disassembling, cleaning and shooting at the range.

    I served 7 months in then conscript Slovenian army, so I know the basics.

    After I get my permit I'll ask for recommendations.
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