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Thread: Tesla’s Model 3 loses coveted Consumer Reports recommendation

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    Default Tesla’s Model 3 loses coveted Consumer Reports recommendation

    "Model 3 owners in our spring survey sample reported some body hardware and in-car electronics problems, such as the screen freezing, which we have seen with other Tesla models," wrote CR's Patrick Olsen. "The latest survey data also shows complaints about paint and trim issues. In addition, some members reported that the Model 3's sole display screen acted strangely."

    So the overpriced "Chrysler Neon" turned out to also be unreliable.

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    Except that most of those defects were earlier in the production ramp and have been corrected. The Model 3 today isn't near the same car as was being produced even a few months ago.

    Also note Model 3 owner satisfaction is through the roof, reflecting the fixes (which often happen in your driveway via Tesla's mobile repair service) or by way of an over the air (OTA) software upgrade.

    One problem reported by CR,

    A few months back Consumers Report made headlines over long Model 3 braking distances vs spec. They were longer than most cars but CR posted a clickbait headlines (it's what they do). The shorters and boo-birds went crazy; "Tesla will spend $billions fixing Model 3 brakes!" etc.

    Within a week Tesla sent out an OTA software upgrade recalibrating Model 3's regenerative braking system*, which does 80% of all braking.

    * electric motor switches to electric generation to charge the batteries with the drag braking the vehicle. Pad wear is negligible.
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