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Thread: SpaceX Raptor: flight engine tests (HOTFIRE!)

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    Default SpaceX Raptor: flight engine tests (HOTFIRE!)

    It's said to "tower over" a Merlin 1D

    Today Musk tweeted images of the first full engines, starting tests this month in Texas before powering the "Hopper" Starship development vehicle in a few weeks.

    The Starship Mk-1 flight test vehicle delivers about June, and construction of the first Super Heavy booster begins this spring.

    Elon Musk ✔ @elonmusk
    Preparing to fire the Starship Raptor engine at @SpaceX Texas
    9:00 PM - Jan 31, 2019

    Elon Musk ✔ @elonmusk
    Initially making one 200 metric ton thrust engine common across ship & booster to reach the moon as fast as possible. Next versions will split to vacuum-optimized (380+ sec Isp) & sea-level thrust optimized (~250 ton).
    9:08 PM - Jan 31, 2019

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