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    Default More computers than pots

    So I'm having a bit of apartment woes lately. The third out of four elements on glass ceramic cooking hob failed so I notified the landlord. Since this part of Slovenia has mild winters and Italian mentality, contractors say they will "call you" and then nothing happens for a week or maybe three months. It's one of reasons I have a job here because locals are not as competent. Knowing that I proposed to order new hob online and get a receipt. I picked 2x induction + 2x ceramics as it's most compatible with future tenants and the people here make espresso in caffettiera and the most popular one is made of aluminium.

    The landlord is some sort of professor at faculty of electronics and he read the specs of my proposed hob and proposed max 3kW as 6kW (pretty much all standard electric, glass ceramic or induction hobs are ~2kW per element and 6kW total) would mean 20amps. Then he started talking about me paying for changing to 3phase.

    Obviously in contract and in general law it's on the landlord to do major repairs.

    So since this is going to take weeks I ordered 50 Euro single element induction hob online, so that I have at least two elements. Lately I've been cooking more and I strive to precook lunch for next work day at least 3-times a week, which requires two elements. Since the store notified me it's available for pickup a day early and since I had a time window between work and freelance to fight the rush hour traffic (15km/h 10mph average speed) I got it today. Brought it home and decided to test my cookware collection consisting of two pans left by former flatmate some years ago and three pots, one enamel probably as old as me, one on permanent loan from parents and the third bought cheaply in Ikea. The reason I have so few is the thinking I'll buy really good cookware one day and I'll make do with what I have. So all three pots work with induction but the pans don't. I'm thinking of buying used AMC or somesuch.

    Having performed the inventory of my cookware I realized I have more working computers and about as many camera lens as pots.
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