Well, I've decided to upgrade my computer with a video card. It is a z97 based mainboard with a core i7 4790K. We don't do much gaming, but would like to be able to run games such as Tombraider (the one that came out a few years ago) or the earlier Witchers and maybe some other 3-4 year old games.

I don't want to go crazy with prices, so am looking at gtx1060 / rx580 / gtx1070 (might come within budget if there is a good offer on Black Friday). I know already that PSU can take it (600W). The case has a length limitation for videocards of 245mm, but I would like to take at least 1 cm of extras buffer (it cannot sit against the hdd case, and mounting something that fits so tightly may be an issue. So that limits my choice, although I can find appropriate models from many manufacturers, some even have dual fan models that are shorter than 230mm (I would like to avoid single fan as I would like the card to be silent when idle or under light load.

Performance between the gtx1060 and the rx580 seems to be comparable; an other reason to take one of the other (I've found that the gtx1060 is maybe slightly more power-efficient). But driver-wise? Compatibility wise? (I would like to keep the onboard HD4600 enabled to drive a small VGA monitor, so it should work together with that one)