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    Default IT stories and rants

    Since this is not widely popular forum and I need from time to time to vent without customers or people knowing I'll be posting my stories and rants from time to time. You can do it too.

    Right now i'm fixing 27 inch iMac. On user OS upgrade partition became corrupted and system became unbootable. I reinstalled and I'm restoring files as I'm writing this. Of course they have no backup and since free iCloud is 5GB while they have around 200GB photos I would guess they don't have most of the files there either. The Mac belongs to as they would say in Italy morto di fame (dying of hunger) designer. I really don't get the people who get Apple stuff and then run out of money, resources or forethought to maintain or back it up.

    When I was traveling in Asia I befriended some Japanese dude in his early 20's. He asked me for directions and I asked where he was from. After saying he's from Japan I explained directions in Japanese to which he was surprised. Following day I messaged him for a drink (Japanese conversation with native speaker for the price of couple coffees) and he told me he broke the lightning cable and has only few percent battery left on his iPhone (Jesus Phone or kami denwa in Japanese ). Since he was a bit helpless I waved a cab and we went to mall. We went to Apple store and another computer store where we found Belkin cable (cost slightly less than Apple). Still the cable cost like 20 Euros.

    I told him: This is what Steve Jobs meant when he said "Stay hungry, stay foolish." You'll buy the cable and skip lunch for a few days.
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