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Thread: BLACKJACK: DoD pivot to LEO satellite constellations

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    Default BLACKJACK: DoD pivot to LEO satellite constellations

    Leveraging large LEO constellations and techs (SpaceX's StarLink, OneWeb) for DoD purposes.

    Given the USAF interest, and test programs, for using SpaceX's StarLink for aircraft comms this sounds way more serious than most DARPA projects. Page 5 pf the presentation even shows a Falcon 9 launch vehicle.

    Interview with Blackjack Program Manager Paul "Rusty" Thomas, formerly of SpaceX (Senior Director, Dragon Production)

    Thomas: Blackjack is aimed at leveraging the new mesh networks being set up by these commercial companies. A user currently in the DoD might need to look up at two or three different options in space to actually talk and do communications in this space segment. Once we link up and do encryption, the user on the ground will look up and see hundreds or more potential network nodes overhead at any given point on the planet, North Pole to South Pole; its going to drastically change how the DoD does communication.

    That is a bit independent of what Blackjack is going to do. If the commercial companies succeed and come out, that capability, call it raw gigabit-per-second class, not all of them it. But they all have many megabit data links from one point of the planet to another, at very low latency, 100-200 milliseconds, so you do really change the game for how any user, DoD included, does global communication.

    PPT as PDF...

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