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Thread: Anniversary: DC-X - the forefather of reusable rockets

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    Default Anniversary: DC-X - the forefather of reusable rockets

    Ben Brockert @wikkit
    DC-X got me interested in VTVL rockets. It's been very cool to see it go from crazy X-vehicle to being the normal thing to do over the last decade, and to work with a few of the people who were involved with it.

    A.C. Charania @ac_charania
    25 years ago today: DC-X first flew for 59 seconds on 18 August 1993 - demonstration of vertical take-off and vertical landing using LOX/LH2
    main propulsion, precursor to vehicles we see today #OTD

    After DC-X was cancelled many of its engineers ended up at little startups called Blue Origin and SpaceX.

    DC-X Flight #8 demonstrated a swan dive maneuver similar to what SpaceX's Big Falcon Spaceship will use when rotating from re-entry attitude to a vertical landing.

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