I like Noctura fans also, but when a fan comes in a box that's nicer than the one my $1100 cell phone came in there is something wrong with the pricing. Replaced the exhaust fan on my controller with a Sunon I had left over from OCing. Exact same size, ball bearings, moves more air but is quieter. Not Noctura quiet, but then 2x the airflow. Personally I would rather make the fan larger, spin slower for the same given airflow and that would be quieter without the expense. I have a 12vdc system as it's one of the first printers Creality came out with. Since that time most are 24vdc now. We told them and they listened. A Creality replacement 350w switching PS 12vdc or 24vdc is $10! I have two, but not for use with my printer. Installed a Meanwell 350w SPS. Runs a tad quieter, much thinner, not sure exactly but would say it's 40% thinner than stock. This allows better air flow for sure. Will most likely add an additional case to the bottom of the existing controller and wire up the temp controller, install the RPI in there too.

Believe you could add 12v control for fans if you wished, just use a mosfet driver and an additional 12vdc PS. Shouldn't be hard to wire up.